As a Chicago-based writer and editor, I’ve been covering the local dining scene for 10 years. Elizabites is a casual food journal/diary/photo gallery of sorts, including everything from my hunt for the best red velvet cupcake in Chicago to on-the-fly interviews with top chefs around town. You’ll see the occasional review of everything from hot dogs to hot restaurants, but I also feature my favorite signs, tabletops and random spottings (cool door handles, inspiring signs, interesting menus). Take a shot at the mystery spot posts for guest blogging opportunities, or stop in a restaurant and order what they’re “not known for,” (I’ll be covering those too.) Coverage tends to hover in and around Chicago (and I am just a bit biased towards West Town/Wicker Park/East Village) but I will keep eating and blogging my way through future travels, from Milwaukee (more likely) to Milan (not as likely). Questions, comments, suggestions, general observations..give a holla.


12 responses to “About

  1. Bratty Catty

    Dear Liz,
    When are you going to write about the chocolate cake shake? Or the destination Prague Happy Hippo? Don’t hate!

  2. Dear Bratty,
    If you look back at the Let them Drink Cake post, you will see a subtle reference to the chocolate cake shake. Hippos, on the other hand, deserve a post. Watch for it.

  3. tk

    Better yet…..when are you going to write about Fraktal! You liiiiiike……….:)

    Who is this Bratty person you are referring to?

  4. A Major Award

    Liz, luv the blog. Keep up the good work. What a freakin’ beautiful Jell-O mold but it’s still Jell-O. Unfortunately.

  5. Lynn

    Liz, it was nice to meet you today! (Gong Fu Tea) Your blog looks super fun – I look forward to reading what you have to say. Have fun with the rest of your Iowa trip!

  6. phil jaroslow

    Liz, why aren’t you the size of a house. I don’t understand. It’s not fair. I would need a small truck to carry me around if i ate like you do. I didn’t eat yesterday except for the sauerbraten at lunch. I went to the gym today and only had a very small salad at 1pm in anticipation of tonites overindulgence. Nonetheless, I will still show a weight gain tomorrow as a result. I wouldn’t be suprised if some of your ex boyfriends brokeup after experiencing rapid weight gains. We should discuss this over lunch( a deli preferably) sometime.
    See ya shortly. Phil

  7. Lauren

    Hey Liz! It was so nice to meet you last night and I’m loving your blog and looking forward to checking out some more of it. Take care!

  8. Thanks so much for reading! Great meeting you guys too. I hope your drive back wasn’t too painfully long! That dinner was definitely worth the trek, though. Looking forward to catching up on your blog as well!

  9. Good day ElizaBites — Chicago Best Restaurants really digs your site and food porn!

  10. LIZ! Love the site!! New Fan.

  11. THANKS GIRL!!!! I appreciate it…hope to see you soon!

  12. Love the blog, keep it up!

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