To the far corners…


Cozzi up to this

Cozzi up to this

So there’s a sign on the door that says “No Bare Feet” and little to be desired in the way of customer service, but a friend swore by the steamed hot dogs (and buns) at Cozzi Corner Hot Dogs and Beef in Downer’s Grove, so I had to check ’em out. The Vienna beef dogs were pretty good, but what with steamed buns? I didn’t get it. I also didn’t get some other items on the menu like “pizza puff,” “gravy bread” and “tamale on a bun,” but did it really matter? They had Green River on tap. Serious. 75th and Lemont, Downer’s Grove, IL 630-241-4799.


Fountain of youth

Fountain of youth









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4 responses to “To the far corners…

  1. JF

    Umm, gravy bread? And, wow, Green River. It’s still made here in Chicago!

  2. Now wait a minute! You missed out on so much more that occured with that visit! You forgot the dog drawings! (Not hot dog, mind you.) And nothing on the best fries in the world?
    Oh well. Hope you are enjoying an awesome day, Elizabite.

    -John Mc.

  3. Liz, did you know that July is National Hot Dog Month? You are right on theme.

  4. Bill

    Hot dogs are supposed to be served on steamed buns. Steamed bun > dry bun.

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