Real Tenochtitlán

The soon-to-be-packed dining room at Real Tenochtitlán

The door was open and the tables were set at Real Tenochtitlán on Friday night, but it looks like it’s going to be a few more weeks before Executive Chef Geno Bahena officially opens the doors of his latest Mexican restaurant. The chef was meeting with his staff and let us snap a photo before we left, but we’ll just have to be patient before we can try the daily made-from-scratch moles (like Wednesday’s chicken, duck, quail, chile ancho, sweet potato and chorizo) and entrées like Maple Leaf Farm duck breast with chile guajillo and fresh cilantro sauce. Check out the Web site for a strangely scary intro and the full lunch, brunch and dinner menus. 2451 N. Milwaukee Ave., 773.227.1050


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