Getting cheesy at Green City Market


Brunkow Cheese of Wisconsin

Brunkow Cheese of Wisconsin

My healthy side says to take advantage of the abundance of fresh sustainable fruits and veggies at Green City Market, but the Wisconsin gal in me tends to make a beeline to the Brunkow Cheeses booth. Crafted in Southeast Wisconsin, Brunkow uses milk from 25 local dairies to make a few dozen cheeses, including a raw milk Cheddar, creamy cold-pack flavored cheese spreads and the heavenly Brun-uusto baked cheese seen here smoking on the grill.  It’s made from cheese curds (can you go wrong?) pressed flat and then slow-baked and browned, so it doesn’t melt when warmed up. Smokey, creamy and rich, it’s the best grilled cheese you’ve ever had, without the bread and tomato soup. The Green City Market is located in Lincoln Park, between Clark and Stockton, and is open Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7AM to 1:30PM. Stop by the Brunkow booth for a sample, but don’t hover, buy a brick of your own for $10.




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