The Berry Chill fix

Does the question mark-like symbol on the end of the plastic Berry Chill spoon symbolize the swirl of frozen yogurt or the mystery as to why this stuff is so addictive? An especially long line snaked out the door tonight after the “original” flavor wasn’t working, forcing Berry Chill fiends to either wait until the machine was fixed or go for one of the not-as-popular specialty flavors like peach mango and chocolate amaretto. I always get the original, but gave the pistachio a whirl instead. A bit less tart than original,  I think I found a new B.C. favorite, along with the yogurt chip topping. But I still have one question on my mind: When will they open a location in my neck of the woods? 635 N. State St., 312.266.2445



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3 responses to “The Berry Chill fix

  1. miguel

    I hit Berry Chill by chance just prior to taking the 10:00 p.m. Chicago Hauntings tour. I tried the original flavor with a host of fruit toppings (blackberry, raspberry and banana). It’s cool deliciousness was just the thing I needed to top off a fun-filled Chicago summer evening. Next time I would like to try the chocolate. Shout out to all devil babies!!!!!

  2. mike

    hi whatS going I’m so curious about the spoon dose it really change colors I’m in ca never seen anthing like that we have pinkbery out here its pretty good not a huge varity
    can u find out who makes that spoon IDE love to know thank you cool blog

  3. Mike,
    Thanks for your question. I’ve been wondering the same thing and try to find out more.

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