Starbucks fix

I’m not proud to admit it, but I hit up Starbucks for breakfast way too often. The regular coffee is a no-brainer, but I am usually plagued with a bakery case conflict that causes me to crave a calorie-laden croissant (*unheated), when I know I should reach for a flax braid instead (also *unheated). I usually pass up both for the yogurt parfait. Anyway, I read today on The Stew that the ‘bucks is about to increase their breakfast items to include oatmeal with dried fruit, energy bars and whole-grain muffins. Is anyone else excited about this? Let’s just hope they’re not as dry as the egg sandwiches.
*One thing that drives me nuts about certain bread items at Starbucks is the staff’s incessant offering to heat up your bakery. Trust me, never accept this offer. You will burn your hands and the “heating proces” (I’m not sure if they’re nuking that crap or what) makes everything taste like a Hot Pocket. Without cheese. Keep it cold, yo.



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2 responses to “Starbucks fix

  1. tk

    Um, and what’s wrong with Hot Pockets? Agreed, however, about the egg sandwiches….

  2. Bill

    Really? You tried the egg sandwiches? And were then disappointed?

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