Chatting with mixologist John Kinder

Vosges' Jazz Truffle was copacetic with Kinder's Coffee Cocktail

Vosges' Jazz Truffle was paired with Kinder's Coffee Cocktail

Truly, does it get any better than Vosges Haut-Chocolat’s Mo’s Bacon Bar (applewood-smoked bacon, alderwood-smoked salt and deep milk chocolate)? Actually, it does when mixologist John Kinder pairs the world’s perfect candy bar with an earthy, yet sweet and sour Bourbon and Sugar Snap Sour (bourbon, sugar snap pea syrup and lemon juice). Kinder (formerly of mk, Moxie and The Pump Room) created an array of culinary concoctions for Vosges’ cocktail and chocolate soirée last night at the Armitage Ave. location (look for a sake-chocolate soirée in Sept.), including a Coffee Cocktail (Hennessy, port, sugar and egg) that paired perfectly with Vosges’ Jazz Truffle (Café du Monde chicory coffee and dark chocolate). When Kinder isn’t whipping up inspired cocktails for his spirited dinners around town, he’s studying classic libations, like the Culross, explained in the clip below. 


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