Guest blog: The Kinder hippo by Toki

As winner of the Tom Selleck/Burt Reynolds challenge (Note: Who mistakes Magnum P.I. for Burt?! I’ll let it slide this time Elizabites), I have the esteemed privilege of being the first guest blogger on this site. When I’m not designing jewelry for my line, Toki, there’s a good chance I’m on an eating adventure with Elizabites. While there are many highlights to talk about, one that particularly excited our taste buds happened far away in Prague while we were visiting our dear friend, Catherine. Although our expat crony was militant about how much money we spent on bottled water (apparently $1.25 was outrageous, so we were forced to dehydrate until we found a bottle for $1), she welcomed our interest in the plethora of decadent chocolate available at every corner market. We quickly discovered the Kinder Happy Hippo. A wafer on the outside, with the “underbelly” coated with frosting and hazelnut filling on the inside. It’s almost too cute to eat but you’ll get over that quickly once you take your first bite. And then it’s, “see ya later Mr. Hippo!” You’ll find that the filling is a bit reminiscent of Nutella. That wouldn’t be too far of a stretch since the same folks that make Kinder Happy Hippo also make our favorite hazelnut spread. While I was misinformed that I’d NEVER find these in the states (I have since discovered them in Brooklyn at Lassen & Hennigs), I haven’t been able to find them here in Chicago. So, much to my dismay, I was forced to ration these hippos as long as I could. And then, I found them on Amazon. Does a girl with a serious candy fix have to resort to the internet or fly to NYC to satisfy her hunger? I would hope not. So, for all you Chicago markets out there, help a sister out and stock your store with some Happy Hippo!
-Love, Toki



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2 responses to “Guest blog: The Kinder hippo by Toki

  1. Bratty Catty

    I don’t know when I get to submit MY guest blog, but I would like to write a little bit about Happy Hippos dark twin, Happy Hippo Cocoa…bet you can’t find THAT in Brooklyn!

  2. Happy Hippy cocoa sounds AWESOME. Can you send me a sample from Praha?

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