Big Sandwich Tuesday

For months, a group of my hungriest friends have organized “Big Sandwich Tuesday” during their lunch hours. They scour the city for burgers, sliders, hoagies and anything else that features serious fillings loaded up between two massive pieces of bread. So far they’ve hit up the following spots, but need more suggestions..anyone? Remember, it needs to be a sandwich and it needs to be big. Oh, and Tuesday.

Eppy’s Deli: Roast beef sandwich
Portillo’s: Beef and cheddar croissant
Kuma’s Corner: Famous Kuma burger, yes, with the egg
Ricobene’s: Chicken Parmesan sandwich
Perry’s Deli: Peter Panski (ham, peanut butter, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo)
Al’s Italian Beef: Classic Italian beef sandwich
Hooter’s: Rib-eye steak sandwich



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7 responses to “Big Sandwich Tuesday

  1. Bill

    We definitely had the breaded steak sandwich at Ricobene’s. Anything less would not be worthwhile.

  2. Jeff

    We should hit the other Eppy’s; get some Corned Beefs.

  3. Tim

    Chicken parm?!?! Are you trying to embarrass Bill’s manhood?

  4. Bill

    Sliders do not qualify for BST. Unless you eat an entire crave case (Tim is up for the challenge).

    And maybe we would eat subs, but not a hoagie. The airfare to the east coast is to expensive.

  5. Boys…settle. Since I never really get invited to BST, I guess I am not aware of all of the details. I hear Heaven on Seven is the next destination. I’m inviting myself for po’boys.

  6. Bill

    Let’s see if we tell you what day we go…oh,wait…

  7. Jeff

    Maybe Heaven on Seven, but new candidate Emerald Loop has freshly sliced Carver Sandwiches from 11-2. We might have to double up on monthly Big Sandwich Tuesdays going forward.

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