Green tea ginger ale at Wow Bao

Ah Wow Bao. Why do you have to be so damn hard to get to? I’m forced to brave Michigan Avenue crowds to enjoy the soft, steamed bao filled with teriyaki chicken, bbq pork or spicy Mongolian beef and served up on the cheap at this Asian take-out spot located on the ground floor of Water Tower Place. There’s a second location in the Loop, but I consider that just as much, if not more of a schlep. But, on my latest trip to the Bao I discovered a tasty menu addition that might get me to make the trek downtown a little more often: fresh green tea ginger ale. I already loved the pomegranate ginger ale, but found it a little on the sweet side. The new ginger tea is the perfect combo of pungent ginger and green tea served over ice. It comes in a plastic cup (and not served in a glass with lemon as this counter sign might have you believe) but it’s just as refreshing.


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  1. Jeff

    And they have pot-stickers now, which I ate for breakfast (after noon) yesterday.

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