Big Sandwich Tuesday poll

The boys need their next Big Sandwich Tuesday! While I figure out how to create a poll in WordPress, cast your vote in the comment section below:

What should be the next BST?
1) Po’boys at Heaven on Seven
2) Carver sandwich at Emerald Loop
3) Hot dog at Hot Doug’s
4) Italian sub at Bari
5) Meatloaf sandwich at Jerry’s Subs



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2 responses to “Big Sandwich Tuesday poll

  1. Jeff

    Bill has expressed concern over the wait times at Jerry’s in the past (West Loop location, not South Bucktown/ NorUkVill or whatever you call it). I was way in to Heaven on Seven due to my enthusiasm for NOLA cuisine, but I think I want to try the fresh carvers at Emerald Loop. There is always another Tuesday for Ho7.

  2. Marty

    I believe the carvers at Emerald Loop should be the next one. But as we stated before, we can double up this month as it seems to be forever between breaded steaks and egg-burgers…

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