A poll new world

Look up and to the right, it’s a poll! I’d like to say that all this blogging has allowed me to tap very deeply into my tech-savvy side, and I was able to program the thing on my own. But alas, I did not. It’s a new option on wordpress and one that I am probably a little too excited about. Happy voting!


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One response to “A poll new world

  1. Oh my goodness, I just heard today that Hot Doug’s has DUCK FAT french fries! (only on Friday and Saturday though)…I have never been, but since hearing about the fries, I vow to check it out myself eventually.

    I don’t know what it is about duck fat that makes it so good, but I think that there just may be a little bit of magic in it…or something. Thus, my vote is for Hot Doug’s (I voted in the cool poll, but I had to plug the duck fat fries in your comments section).

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