So long Skewerz

I always wondered about Skewerz, that strange Pacific Rim-themed meat-on-a-stick spot that opened at 1560 N. Damen in the old Half & Half space over the summer. While driving through the intersection of Milwaukee/North/Damen this weekend I noticed that the place is closed. I have to admit, I never had a desire to venture inside once Half & Half shut down and took their egg and cheese croissant sandwiches with ’em. I really have no idea how it fared with the sauced Estelle’s crowd, but I never thought of meat or veggie skewers as a satisfying post-bar bite. They’re great at summer street festivals or as an hors d’oeuvre at a party, but after a Double Door show in the dead of winter? I’m thinking more along the lines of La Pasadita. Speaking of cold weather and Wicker Park’s six corners, I was craving hot tea all weekend and found myself desperately missing Filter coffee shop, which sadly left the ‘hood over a year ago.



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3 responses to “So long Skewerz

  1. Jeff

    Tim and I just stopped in there for the first time a couple weeks ago. It was pretty good, but yeah: a little weird conceptually.

  2. JF

    Did someone say Tea Shop?

  3. UPDATE: I drove by Skewerz this weekend and it’s open! Guess they shut down for renovations? Who knows..I still think it’s weird.

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