On the table: Francesca’s Forno

img_4420Four water glasses, two stacks of small plates, one bottle olive oil, four napkin rolls, salt and pepper. 1576 N. Milwaukee Ave., 773.770.0184



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2 responses to “On the table: Francesca’s Forno

  1. Karlos Cornish

    Please change the telephone number on your website. I just got this number as my primary number via Cricket Wireless and I have been getting a lot of customers calling my cell looking for you guys. I make sure to direct them to you guys website but it’s really becoming a problem. On the bright side, due to the extreme high call volume, my family and I are considering visiting your establishment as well! If someone can handle this situation ASAP it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi Karlos,
    So sorry, it’s been fixed. I believe a google search for the restaurant gives you the incorrect number as well. Sorry for the inconvenience. And for the record, yes, it is a great spot.

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