Richard’s Bar snacks

OK, don’t get me started on the grammatical errors all over this sign, but I’ve always wondered about the hard-boiled eggs sold at Richard’s Bar at Grand and Milwaukee. I pretty much only end up here if I’m waiting for my table at neighboring La Scarola, but it’s an awesome Sinatra-themed dive bar where someone is always dancing in front of the juke box, there’s a “rooms for rent” sign behind the bar, and another sign above the pay phone that says “keep calls to 10 minutes” (if only that was a cell phone rule). Even with the smoking ban, decades of cigarette and cigar smoke seem soaked in just about everything throughout the tiny woooden space, which pretty much kills any craving for a hard-boiled egg. But I’ll take them up on the cheap beer specials. Richard’s Bar 491 N. Milwaukee Ave., 312.733.2251


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