Tokyo Hotel

img_4643Sticking out like a shady sore thumb amid the squeaky-clean facades of ESPN Zone and the Bloomingdale’s Home Store, I’ve always been intrigued by the Tokyo Hotel at Ohio and Wabash. It’s one of those little pockets of Chicago that look and feel like a New York City time warp, and it’s actually one of my favorite signs in the city. But has anyone ever ventured inside the suspect Chinese and Japanese restaurants that flank the entrance?



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3 responses to “Tokyo Hotel

  1. Melissa

    You mean you didn’t go in?! I was so excited to read all about what was in there! Not sure how brave I am. Think I’ll wait it out & hope your curiosity gets the best of you!

  2. Lisa

    YES, I have! The sushi’s good, but very traditional (i.e., no fancy toppings, sauces or cute names). They also have tatami rooms for larger parties. Thought it was weird that you don’t order from the sushi chefs while sitting at the sushi bar but I have experienced that before at other ‘traditional’ Japanese restaurants in Chicago. Hey, love the web site by the way!

  3. Thanks Lisa! Wow, you are brave. I may have to go in and do a special report!

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