Sonotheque signs

img_0126Sumptin’…I don’t know happening to the Sonotheque façade in the way of a renovation (anyone know?). I guess it was time for a facelift on the six-year-old West Town music lounge, but I hope they keep the old Casey’s Liquors sign still painted on the outside brick wall. I remember getting kegs from Casey’s back in my Racine/Lake loft-party days, and the sign brings back memories. Sometimes they’re facing alleys or are partly cut-off by building additions, but I love spotting these hidden signs from the past on brick walls around the city, anyone know of any other great ones? Sonotheque, 1444 W. Chicago Avenue


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  1. Jeff

    Ah! That’s where Casey’s went! I must have looked for that place a dozen times, always ending up at Rothchild’s … which is another story.

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