Grubhub hound

I swear I keep Grubhub in business. Being sick with a bad cold this weekend/week, I’ve hit them up for several meals due to an overwhelming urge to not get off my couch. My usual ordering suspects are Friendship, OK, and, um, Friendship, but I did go out on a limb and try out Thai Aroma a few weeks back only to be completely disappointed with a noodle dish that didn’t match the site description at all. Anyway, I love the delivery service for times like these..feed a cold right? I will say that sometimes the new restaurants they bring aboard just don’t strike me as the delivery types…Cafe Iberico? I want the crowded bar area, the loudness, 5 different servers and bottomless Sangria pitchers with my tapas, not plastic silverware. But the other restaurants (especially Friendship) can stay.


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