Work of Art cookies

img_10721There’s edible Valentine’s Day schticky-goodness everywhere this week, but I couldn’t stop filling up on the heart-shaped sugar cookies at Work of Art Cakes. They remind me of a smaller version of the sugar cookies you can find in supermarket bakeries that morph into the colors and shapes of each passing holiday, but a thin layer of white chocolate in the middle adds a texture and moist richness grocery store baked goods usually lack. This nondescript bakery/café almost blends right into the Lincoln Park office building in which it’s located, and I would never know it was there if I didn’t work around the corner from the place. I was already addicted to their green tea, but I have a new vice that’ll unfortunately have to end after this weekend…that is until Easter when I’m hoping the cookies remerge in egg or chick form. Until then, Happy Valentine’s Day! Work of Art Cakes, 1332 N. Halsted St., 312.280.1718


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