Bari foods


The Bari foods sign

My big (fat) Tuesday sandwich adventure was a solo one this week, but it all worked out because there aren’t any seats or tables in Bari foods anyway. What is hidden in the back of the neighborhood market stocked with pastas, sauces, produce, and more, is a no-frills deli counter where killer Italian sub sandwiches, meats, olives, cheeses and more are served up to locals in the know. Living so close to the place, you’d think I’d have plenty of favorites by now, but I’m pretty much stuck on the paper-thin prosciutto and fresh mozzarella sub with tomatoes, lettuce and tangy Italian herb seasonings on soft, fresh bread. Other Big Sandwich options include the meatball and the Italian sub with hot peppers..any other Bari bests? Bari foods, 1120 W. Grand Ave., 312.666.0730
Prosciutto and fresh mozzarella sub

Prosciutto and fresh mozzarella sub


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  1. JF

    I am a fan of the meatball. Oh shit it’s good.

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