Bread pudding at Tavern at the Park

Apple and blueberry bread pudding

Apple and blueberry bread pudding

It’s bread puddin’ weather. No doubt about it. It’s hard to resist a decadent bread puddin’ on the dessert menu when you’re dealing with like the 13th straight week of bitter cold. I happily warmed me bones recently with Tavern at the Park’s awesome warm blueberry apple bread pudding with fresh blueberries and lemon sauce, easily tackled with a knife and fork. And with three more weeks until the first “official” day of spring, better throw in their warm fudge brownie as well. Think freshly baked fudge brownies pulled right off the sheet pan and served up sundae-style—in other words, a great way to get you through the 10 weeks we really have until it’s warm. 108 E. Randolph St., 312.552.0070
Chocolate brownie

Chocolate brownie


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