And the mystery post winners are…

I love the mystery posts, but I love mystery post guessers even more! I’ve had a slew of recent winners who are all furiously working away at their guest blog posts as we eat. Tonia Kim of Toki Collection guessed the Sushi Wabi sink, while Catherine “Cathy” Pilgrim kicked it back to October and correctly guessed the EAT sign from Salt and Pepper Diner. She’s already got her Mojo Spa post in mind. Molly Schemper of the fab Fig Catering identified the red buddha as the Urban Belly logo, and Kate Bongiovanni of the fitness blog must not have been counting calories when she guessed the study in American Gothic hot dogs mural in the bathroom at Hot Dougs. And amid all the mystery post craziness, I’ve failed on my promised (and re-promised) reviews of Sunda, Hoosier Mama and more…but watch for ’em and more mystery posts to come!


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