Burger Baron

img_1473In an ongoing effort to try to pay more attention to details around me, I continue to wonder about places I pass on an almost daily basis. Like Burger Baron. It’s one of those breakfast, lunch, dinner, salad, gyro, burgers (duh), chicken, hot dogs, “beefs” places that seems too good to be true, yet I have never ventured inside. Easily mistaken for Burger Barn, the Baron is never empty, so someone’s eating there. If you actually have, give me the scoop. In the meantime, I do like how their Web site tells you to “have fun,” but the highly random music reminiscent of Enigma circa 1997? Um. Yeah, you’re going to want to turn down your speakers. Burger Baron, 1387 W. Grand Ave., 312.733.3285



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2 responses to “Burger Baron

  1. Liz – I think you’re going to have to take one for the team and check out the Baron. Please do report back.

  2. My first Chicago apartment was a block and a half away from the Burger Baron and it was a frequent stop for me in those penniless years. Cheap, greasy, average burgers and other standard fare… crap fries.

    I always assumed it survived on history alone and the good faith of the neighborhood. Though, seeing how much the neighborhood has changed, I’m not quite sure that’s it. Maybe I missed something.

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