Chicago Bagel Authority

“So what the hells is that schlocky mess?” you might be thinking when you look at this photo. Well, all you need to know is that Cocoa Puffs and Golden Grahams cereals morphed together Rice Krispie treat-style to form this pretty awesome dessert I spotted on the counter of the Chicago Bagel Authority. If my confectionary calculations are correct, the hybrid of the memory-inducing sugar cereals incorporates the flavors of graham crackers, chocolate, and um, marshmallows…did someone say Rice Krispie s’mores? Anyway, I didn’t get one, but I sure was fascinated. I do love everything else in this Armitage Avenue steamed bagel sandwich lunch mainstay. With most sandwiches still under $6, it’s a steal, but sadly enough, the restaurant seems to be the only thing still bustling on the strangely ghost-town-esque Lincoln Park strip. Chicago Bagel Authority, 953 Armitage Ave., 773.248.9696



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2 responses to “Chicago Bagel Authority

  1. Anytime I go to CBA…I have to have the marshmallow, Golden Grahams & Cocoa Puffs yum. It’s a nice sweet balance to the steamed bagel sandwiches! Golden Grahams…how can you go wrong?

  2. You’ve had one! Man, I should tried one. Next time. Seems like you might need a glass of milk on the side, but otherwise..delish!

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