Crispy pata at Sunda

img_1513The crispy pata pork shank at Sunda may look like it was plated by a caveman, but chef Rodelio Aglibot’s entrée is nothing but refined. I already reviewed Sunda, but didn’t try this Filipino-inspired dish until my third visit to the River North restaurant last week, and thought it was worth its own post. You may not know where to begin with the Fred Flinstone-affixed shank, but go ahead and knock it over (watch out for the watercress salad) and start digging in. It’s actually a confit pork shank that’s boiled then fried so the outer layer is crispy and flavorful while the pork is tender and falls right off the bone (or can be gnawed off neanderthal style if you so desire). Once it does, send it into the ramekin of garlic-foie gras fat gravy off to the side and devour. 110 W. Illinois, 312.644.0500



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