The Baby Buddha Bowl

The Baby Buddha Bowl

A cherry might signify the ultimate culinary topping for some, but I’m pretty sure it’s actually an egg. Poached, sunny-side up or fried, an egg just takes any dish it graces with its runny presence to a whole new level. My egg-topped obsessions around town abound, but the ones that I’m hopelessly addicted to are the Kuma Burger at Kuma’s Corner, the Lyonnaise salad at Le Bouchon, the egg sandwich with grilled bacon and toast at The Bristol, and the Buddha Bowls at Crisp. I love this casual Korean-inspired spot with ridiculous chicken wings, Korean “burritos,” and my favorite, bi bim bap-inspired Buddha Bowls. Even the Baby Buddha at $6 fills you up with rice, spinach, bean sprouts, carrots, zucchini-squash, chicken (or beef or tofu), a fried egg sprinkled with sesame seeds and pungent gochujang sauce on the side. Bigger versions of the bowls come with more veggies, and an organic brown rice substitution justifies the addition of deep-fried mushrooms or mashed potatoes on the side. With wooden communal picnic tables, spools of paper towel on the tables and an ultra-cute bird logo, I pretty much love everything about this if we could get them to open up in Wicker Park. Crisp, 2940 N. Broadway, 877.693.8653
You can't miss the bright orange awning at Crisp, now we just need more of them

You can't miss the bright orange awning at Crisp, now we just need more of them


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