Aja Oreos

Aja Oreos and Traderspoint Creamery Milk

Aja Oreos and Traderspoint Creamery Milk

I have blogged about orange Oreos, but never the Aja Oreo. A particularly intriguing item on the dessert menu at Ajasteak, I had to try what was described as dark chocolate cookies, white chocolate mousse and a glass of Indiana-based Traderspoint Creamery organic milk. What better milk to dunk said over-sized, house-made cookie sandwich than organic whole milk from a 100% grassfed herd? Loaded with butterfat, it doesn’t soak into chocolate cookies like a mush-inducing skim milk might, but lovingly coats them with each rich, creamy dunk. The moist, chewy chocolate cookies flank a generous smear of smooth white chocolate mousse and are dusted with powdered sugar. Although I was lucky enough to enjoy these on the one warm night this week (I knew my gimlet post would work!), this comforting treat might be the perfect thing to nosh on while we continue to wait for summer. And once it does decide to hit, hit up Whole Foods or Green Grocer for more grass-fed milk goodness, served up in the form of Traderspoint organic ice creams. Ajasteak, 660 N. State St., 888.301.3262


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