Guest blog spot: The Bar on Buena

When my friend, fellow foodie, and blogger Jeff Kitler guessed the Naha mystery trees correctly I was happy for two reasons. First, because he tipped me off to a great “not-known-for” at Naha, fried calamari. The second because his guest post is on a bar/restaurant in Bueno Park, a ‘hood I have hardly explored. I am very intrigued by beer that flows out of a faucet, tequila-marinated steak tacos and a Big Sandwich with pancetta and a fried egg. I give you a Bar. That’s on Buena.

Abbey Ale Leffe Blonde

Abbey Ale Leffe Blonde

“I love The Bar on Buena for many reasons. First, and probably least importantly, it has a great name. The Bar on Buena lends to an incredibly lame joke, one I use over and over again and never grow tired of: “Where are you going for dinner Jeff? The Bar on Buena. What bar? The Bar on Buena! Duh, it’s on Buena. Yes I understand, but what bar?” And on and on. But seriously, The BOB is a sparkling gem stuffed with delicious food and intriguing beer. Hidden between Wrigleyville’s sport bars and Uptown’s pho shops, The BOB fills a void in Buena Park for those seeking quality food and an outstanding beer list. The BOB’s closet-sized kitchen sits behind the bar and offers a surprisingly large lineup of serious pub grub that includes pulled pork sandwiches, tequila-marinated steak tacos and the killer (literally?) B.O.B Burger topped with Red Dragon Cheddar, pancetta and a fried egg. And let’s not forget the brew! With more than 100 beers available by the bottle and 19 poured from the “faucet,” the beer selection alone is enough to please the biggest brew snobs. And don’t worry, the friendly staff is more than happy to help select a brew for those without their in-the-know enthusiast. The BOB is a great neighborhood bar located on one of Chicago’s most adorable tree-lined streets. With summer arriving soon (we hope!) The BOB’s sidewalk café is sure to be packed! Give The BOB a try…you can’t not find it.” The Bar on Buena, 910 W. Buena Ave., 773.525.8665.
Pulled pork with Carolina-style sauce with Cheddar cheese on Texas toast with red onion relish and sweet potato fries

Pulled pork with Carolina-style sauce with Cheddar cheese on Texas toast with red onion relish and sweet potato fries


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