Milk & Honey cookies

Lemon lavender sugar cookies at Milk & Honey Cafe

Lemon lavender sugar cookies at Milk & Honey Cafe

Besides the granola and yogurt parfait, the oatmeal with dried cherries and walnuts and the homemade potato chips, I’m also hopelessly addicted to the bakery case at Milk & Honey Café. Mini and regular cupcakes, brownies, tarts and breads are pretty constant, while special items like chocolate krinkle cookies, turtle brownies, and chocolate rice Krispy treats make an appearance. But the lemon lavender sugar cookies seem to have found a permanent spot in the case and deserve to be bagged up and sold elseware à la Milk & Honey granola. Two moist lavender specked sugar cookies are dusted with powdered sugar and flank a spread of lemon-y cream. Summer in a cookie. Milk & Honey Café, 773.395.9434


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