Caffe Gelato

Tasty offerings

Tasty offerings

Maybe it’s my building’s busted A/C that’s got me thinking’ bout gelato right now. But the truth is that I’m pretty much always thinking about the gelato made fresh daily at Caffe Gelato on Division. It’s the most authentic stuff I’ve had outside of Florence, and I love that you can get two flavors in one “piccolo” size cup. Try any flavor that looks enticing (uh, all of them?) or go for one of my favorite combos, frutti di bosco (raspberry) and chocolate, or pistachio and hazelnut, each garnished with the tastiest chocolate wafer spoon around. In the summer, the Caffe can get understandably crowded, but just soak in the sights of other Italian desserts behind the glass while you wait, from cannoli to tiramisu, then make your way to the frozen stuff. 2034 W. Division St., 773.227.7333
Chocolate and raspberry

Chocolate and raspberry

Italian vanilla chocolate chip

Italian vanilla chocolate chip

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