Sesame balls at Whole Foods

Sesame balls from Whole Foods

Sesame balls from Whole Foods

Out of all the different kiosks bursting with deliciousness at the new Whole Foods in Lincoln Park, I can’t for the life of me stray from the sushi/noodle/Chinese bar for lunch. And more specifically, the sesame balls hiding next to the orange chicken, fried rice and lo mein. You actually get a sesame ball or egg roll with the lunch special, but I’ve gotten into the habit of buying four of the mini dense doughnut hole treats covered with nutty sesame seeds on the outside and filled with a sweet bean paste, and eating them in one sitting. When I need to take a break from Korean short ribs with brown rice or the sushi trays, I may one day make my way over to the Italian, Southern, Mexican and 1950s-style diner counters, but I’ll always end my meal with a few of these chewy, filling gems. 1550 N. Kingsbury, 312.587.0648


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  1. Melissa

    I LOVE sesame balls with red bean paste. I have not had them from WF yet, but get them whenever I have dim sum or stop by an Asian bakery. Soooo good when they are hot. Yum!

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