Big Al’s meat pies

Only in Wisconsin do you stumble upon a cooler filled with not just cranberry walnut and wildberry fruit pies with cookie crusts, but meat pies, including pheasant and bison, as well as 8-Oz bowls of bison and pheasant chili. I spotted this cooler in the gift shop of Rushing Waters rainbow trout farm in Palmyra, WI (full post of my City Provisions trout dinner with Three Floyd’s brewery to come this week!), and had to take a pic. I sort of regret not buying a couple just to try (my hands were too full with lemon and dill smoked salmon and fresh trout) but it looks like the Genesee, WI-based company, Big Al’s “The Wild Gourmet” ships. I like how they call the combo of a fruit and meat pie, “dinner and dessert,” and also note that each can feed either 4-5 or 6-8 people, and a portion of the proceeds benefit wildlife habitats. Has anyone ever given on one of these a try?

Wisconsin meat pie

Wisconsin meat pie

Fruit pies

Fruit pies



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3 responses to “Big Al’s meat pies

  1. I never knew those were from Wisconsin! I’ve seen them at Treasure Island and was curious about how they tasted, especially that buffalo pie 🙂

    BTW, is it still possible to write that guest post? I totally forgot about it (and to be honest haven’t eaten out much this summer)

  2. Hi Kate..sure, send it when it’s ready! Doesn’t have to be a new spot, either. I love old favorites!


  3. sounds great! I have a couple of oldies but favorites in mind 🙂 will send it over soon, thanks!

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