Bar Tartine

Sunny, honey

Sunny, honey

Just when I finish gushing about how much I adore Chicago in October, I’ll actually be spending a few weeks of the month in California for work-related events. I was in San Francisco this weekend (LA and San Diego next) and finally got to check out Bar Tartine, after an amazing experience at Tartine Bakery last fall. I’ll write more posts later this week about Tartine’s awesome bread, sardine and citrus-beet appetizer and ridiculously good cod dish we had, but the Sunny, Honey cocktail deserves a post of its own. The name intrigued me at first, followed by the simple ingredients, Sonoma-based Sutton Cellars dry vermouth (made with a variety of botanicals and herbs) shaken with ruby grapefruit and star thistle honey. Like all the best pre-dinner cocktails, it’s simple yet complex, and not too sweet, with hints of herb, citrus, and sweet that subtly take turns on your palate rather than ruining it before dinner.


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