Saint’s Alp Tea House

Almond milk tea with tapioca

My very first post on elizabites was about Saint’s Alp Tea House in Chinatown. It was a year and a half ago, middle of summer, but I still had a desire to hang out in the bright orange bubble tea shop and restaurant for hot almond milk or taro bubble tea drinks served in jumbo ceramic mugs. This ridiculously freezing weekend had me hiding out there again, to enjoy a steaming mug of almond milk tea, and this time, a few pretty-decent appetizers from the never-ending menu, like glistening grilled yakitori (chicken) on skewers, and crispy spring rolls with a chili sauce on the side. I also noticed they just started serving sizzling hot pot soups for a table to share—yet another way to warm up during the impending deep freeze. Other highlights: free wi-fi, spacious booths, late hours; Low-points: spotty service, popular spot for loud groups and younger crowds, and an ongoing need for a second location. Saint’s Alp Tea House, 2131 S. Archer.


Crispy spring rolls


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