Ginger cider at Cooking Fools

I believe there’s a science behind good sandwich board design. When these foldable chalk boards are propped outside bars and restaurants, it’s prime real estate, but too many of them fail to entice. Walk up and down Milwaukee, North and Damen and you’ll see them lined up, some touting $7 Bloody Marys in handwriting that looks like they scribbler has downed one too many. Or even less appealing, at least to me, are the games being shown that day. But when a sandwich board advertises fresh hot ginger apple cider on a bitter cold day, the handwriting doesn’t matter much, I make a beeline inside. The hot drink was being promoted outside of Cooking Fools a few weekends ago, and I stepped right in to try some of the steaming concoction. While I wished there was more ginger to cancel out the sweet of the apples, I loved the texture and it did warm us up as promised. Interested in other ways of warming your soul with libations this week? The store is also hosting a Cocktail Mixology class on Feb. 19 from 6:30-9. With vodka, gin and genever as your weapons, learn to whip up the Aviation, Moscow Mule, and my personal favorite, the Tom Collins. 1916 W. North Ave., 773.276.9377


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