Not known for: Bread pudding at Revolution Brewing

Revolution Brewing

I knew just by driving by the then-unfinished space for Revolution Brewing early winter that I was going to love the place when it opened. Not only is it in the ‘hood, I loved the name, the sign, the idea of offering growlers, great pub food from the guys behind Handlebar, a fireplace and tons of cozy wooden booths all in the same space. So once the place opened about a month ago, I couldn’t wait stop in and get my hands on my favorite styles of brew, namely the lighter, Belgian-style beers like the Cross of Gold ale and the Bottom Up Belgian Wit. So, as to be expected, fast forward a few months and the place is packed, even at 10:30PM on a Sunday when I stopped in. As they seem to still be working out their brewing supply and demand, they were out of the Wit, but the Cross of Gold was excellent, light and crisp, with just enough hops to pair with, well dessert. Sure the menu flaunts bacon fat popcorn, sweet potato cakes, wood-fired pizzas and burgers stacked with things like eggs and jalapeño-honey slaw, but the standout dish we tried was by far the chocolate chunk bread pudding. Could this be a “not know for” in such a new place? Sure..or consider it something to work in after you get your burger on. I don’t know if was the warm, spongy bread laden with moist chocolate sauce, dusting of powdered sugar or the caramel sauce made a mild golden ale that added a touch of salty bitterness, but the combo took bread pudding to boozy new levels. Seems the house brews and booze are deliciously laden throughout other desserts as well, like the blood orange sorbet float with white ale and a cherry bourbon cake with vanilla bean ice cream—like a good brewery dessert should. Revolution Brewing, 2323 N. Milwaukee Avenue, 772.227.BREW

Bread pudding with ale caramel sauce


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  1. juli

    the flemish beef stew there is to DIE for…and they have the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever had in life ever

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