Jiminy Chips

Holy crap, has anyone had these? I recently discovered Jiminy Chips when a coworker brought them into the office. The Chicago-based company offers homemade flavors like chocolate-marshmallow, sweet potato and, oy, BUTTER! While being melt-your-mouth delicious, yet still crunchy, these local chips rival my previous favorite—the homemade ones served up at Milk & Honey Cafe. I admit that I don’t frequent Navy Pier all too often, or I probably would’ve discovered them at their store there, but for now, I’ll head to Stanley’s Fruit Market, where they are also sold. In a word, yum.

Butter-flavored Jiminy Chips


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  1. Chocolate marshmallow? Really? On a chip? Sounds very intriguing. I was just at Stanley’s today…darn, wish I would have read your post first. I will just have to wait til next week.

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