The new cupcake?

I still love cupcakes. I really do. Red velvet ones, mostly (see category). But lately I have seeing and indulging in another classic sweet showing up where the cupcakes of the last few years left off, macaroons. A French Pastry school event a few weeks ago had The Peninsula showing of their chocolate bar favorites, like flavored marshmallows (coffee, chocolate), fizzy raspberry suckers (made with baking soda for the fizz!), and a slew of colorful French macaroons in flavors like peanut butter and jelly, lemon and lime. I also discovered the deliciousness that is passionfruit and chocolate macaroons from Bittersweet Bakery, and am on the hunt for more. A red velvet perhaps? Suggestions welcome in the comments!

Peninsula macaroons, almost too pretty to eat

Fizzy raspberry suckers



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3 responses to “The new cupcake?

  1. Check out Fritz Pastry on Diversey…macaron extrordinaires

  2. When Sandra from Floriole opens her cafe in Lincoln park soon, she makes amazing macarons, among other classic French pastries. Also, Macaron Chicago sells her French treats at the Empty Bottle Farmers Market & at the Logan Square Farmers Market (which is every Sunday in the Congress Theatre in the winter).

  3. Thanks guys! I still need to check out Fritz Pastry, and have been very curious about that Empty Bottle market. Hard to imagine in that place, but it’s worth a visit!

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