Mystery menu

So, wow. You guys are getting SO good at my mystery posts, it’s not even about the guest-blogging anymore, is it? It’s about just being the first to guess. The last few guessers have been impressively speedy, but no one’s jumping on any guest-blogging opportunities. Hmm. Excuses have run the gamut from, “I can’t write” to “I can’t think of anything to write.” C’mon. I don’t believe it. This one may be my easiest mystery post YET, so please guess only if you’re willing to blog…it’s more fun that way! Anyway, just my two cents on the topic. So please guess the location of this mystery menu for a chance to be a fabulously featured guest blogger. Yay!



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3 responses to “Mystery menu

  1. i’m in the mood to guess but for some reason i think i’m going to be guessing wrong šŸ˜¦ M burger? and I want to blog, just have been bad/slow about doing so

  2. I do want to guest blog. I do want to guest blog. I know I have one from probably 6 months ago. I have had trouble keeping up with my blog! I swear I will do it soon. I really want to.

  3. Kate! M Burger at 161 E Huron is correct. So now you have two guest posts to think about!

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