Sprinkles Cupcakes…finally

I blogged about the storefront, but the cupcakes behind the sweet façade are here after what seems like a five-plus-year wait. A super-fun opening party allowed us to try an array of flavors..my favorites? Red velvet (of course), Key lime (only available until Sept. 6), ginger lemon and peanut butter chip…must-try-soons? Summer cherry (you only have until Aug 1!), pumpkin, carrot..hell…pretty much the whole luscious lot. Enjoy a few tasty pics and head over their to support the “trend,” that, um, yeah, I’m not sick of. Sprinkles, 50 E. Walton, 312.573.1600

Sprinkles cupcakes for the tasting

Daily changing, seasonal selections abound

Oh, delish.

Attempt your own at home!



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5 responses to “Sprinkles Cupcakes…finally

  1. I must try this place, looks fabulous! I love that they sell mixes, that would be a fun gift.

    The story saying the cupcake trend is over is dead wrong. Cupcakes are forever, therefore there is no trend to end. Well at least in my belly 🙂

  2. I am organizing a cupcake tasting, and these will be part of the lot…

  3. I would like to be included in that tasting!

  4. Perfect, then you will be! I am trying to get together by the end of August!

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