Quince at Zest

Not only did a recent lunch at Zest in the InterContinental involve a Stedman Graham sighting (he’s got be close to 7-feet, for real), but the very impressive chef’s seasonal tasting menu ($29) highlighting quince. The starter was the prettiest, most delicious and got me excited for my impending trip to Spain (Friday!). The handsome plate had a juicy, salty stack of Serrano ham, a smudge of sweet quince jam, a pungent pile of blue cheese, micro arugula for bite, and balsamic reduction on a delicate cucumber carpaccio. When combined or enjoyed on their own, the deconstructed ingredients were a perfect match. What followed was a tender, crispy duck leg confit with honey-glazed quince and a viennese poppy tart, also phenomenal. The quince tasting menu continues only for a few more days, so stop in before the next seasonal ingredient takes over the plate. Zest, 505 N. Michigan Ave.

Serrano ham, quince jam, blue cheese and micro arugula on cucumber carpaccio


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