Delish on Division

I don’t know about you, but I can’t keep up with how many restaurants seem to pop up on Division Street, just West of Ashland. Besides way too many sports bars, it’s also turning into quite the strip for cafes, retail shops, random nail salons and other mysterious things like Delish Diner and Bakery, a sign I spotted the other day. Anyone know anything about it? A good, classic diner may be just what the wide-side-walked street needed…not that it wasn’t already perfect with the culinary trifecta of Mana Food Bar, Caffe Gelato and Milk and Honey..What are some of your most delish Division Street eats?

Delish Diner?


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One response to “Delish on Division

  1. Interesting! I will have to check this place out because it’s right in the hood. Good eye!

    Also in the neighborhood…the old Coroush (sp?) on Milwaukee has new signage up. Frontier.

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