Ode to the doughnut

I noticed an abundance of doughnut shots leaving their sugary mark on my iphoto, and decided to compile a few I’ve been lucky enough to try lately. Seemed appropriate, what with the white-hot Doughnut Vault I’m still dying to check out (do you really need to get in line at 7AM? Oy!), Dirty Betty’s doughnuts setting up shop in the Cookie Bar space today, and well, last weekend’s discovery that the doughnuts at The Portage are fried in duck fat. Yep. Anyway, a few to drool over below, and check out a few that cast their own doughnut-y voodoo long ago here..

Famous line-waiting doughnut holes at Lou Mitchell's

Old Town Social beignets with bourbon-spiked cream sauce

Duck fat doughnuts with chocolate sauce at The Portage



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3 responses to “Ode to the doughnut

  1. Alexei

    Next time you’re in SF, you MUST go to Dynamo Donut. Dynamo donuts were our wedding cake. They’re that good. I think lemon-thyme, mexican chocolate, orange-carmomom, and coconut, though they’re famous for the maple-bacon. http://www.dynamodonut.com/

  2. YUM. I love the idea of doughnuts as a wedding cake! Thanks for the tip. Are you in town for NRA?

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