Peninsula 10th Anniversary

Chicago picked the right week to finally warm up. Not only did NoMi in the Park Hyatt kick off the post-Memorial Day week with a swank party for their reopening and redesign, but the Peninsula celebrated 10 years last night with a blow-out celebration throughout the hotel. From steamed bao, dumplings and spring rolls in Shanghai Terrace to a sushi and raw bar station on the Terrace and a caviar (oy, not kidding!) bar that we couldn’t really tear ourselves from, there was fabulous food everywhere we looked
… just a few highlights from the never-ending eats…

The Pen celebrates 10

Alaskan King Crab with trout roe

The spread at the caviar bar

More caviar for the tasting

The dessert spread begins

Double-stacked doughnuts

Fruit macaroons


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