ChiaTe Taiwanese cakes

What could be better than an awesome intern? One who brings ChiaTe cakes to the office, of course. I had never heard of these little packaged fruit cakes from Taiwan before, and immediately fell in love at first bite with their dense, cake-y texture and and chewy fruit center that actually tastes like the fruit (think moist, fresh, homemade fig newtons without the subtle processed cardboard flavor). I tried kiwi and pineapple, and apparently they make pineapple walnut cakes and sweet melon biscuits. A perfect snack, gorgeous packaging and not-too-sweet so you don’t end up taking a bite and tossing the rest. You won’t be able to read a g’damn thing on it, but the company Web site is as cool as these little cakes.

ChiaTe pineapple pastry

A surprisingly fresh street snack from Taiwan

ChiaTe kiwi melon pastry


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