Culture fro-yo

Out of all the street trucks roaming around the city, I think I have randomly seen the new Culture truck the most lately. And it’s a good thing because I miss Berry Chill something terrible and I am so glad the tangy, citrus-y fro-yo is back with the same yogurt chip, crushed Oreo, carob chip-topped loveliness. So it’s not as good as holding court on State Street, but at least this truck makes its rounds. Speaking of food trucks, I feel like I spot a new one every day (I saw the tamale guy’s today!), but does anyone remember Fan Si Pan spring rolls that used to occupy the Hoosier Mama space on Chicago Avenue? I would follow the shit out of it if they ever returned on four wheels to doll out fresh spring rolls, honeydew-melon juices and Vietnamese bahn mi..

Fro-yo on wheels


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