Magnolia Bakery

Sure, everyone knows that NYC-based Magnolia Bakery (which landed in the Windy City’s Block 37 early fall) is all about the line-around-the-block-wait-worthy cupcakes, but what about mini red velvet cheesecake, old-fashioned ice box cake and the famous banana pudding? Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of Devil’s food cake cupcakes with meringue icing, but within the pastel-hued old-school bakery confines of this bakery are so many other sweet treats…and espresso to boot, it’s worth a stop before your next holiday shindig. Magnolia Bakery, 108 N. State Street.

Devil's food cupcakes with meringue icing

Hannukah cupcakes...who knew?

Chocolate cookies

Banana pudding and red velvet cheesecake

Ice box cake

Mini cheesecakes


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