Sardine can…we get the check?

I love sardines. Yeah, I said it. I love them fried at restaurants, or in a lemon garlic-lemon fettuccini with breadcrumbs (I have made this and it rocks). But it seems it’s not just canned fish, but fish cans themselves that are making an appearance on restaurant tables with the bill. New white-hot spots from Japanese Yusho in Logan Square to Spanish Tavernita in River North are flaunting the creative bill delivery, and while it may not new, it’s a cool touch.





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2 responses to “Sardine can…we get the check?

  1. Love this fish can trend! Though everytime I pay at Yusho, I’m afraid I’m gonna slice my hand open.

  2. Oh man…good point. It is a bit of a hazard. Maybe they’ll go the closed can route as well.

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