Glazed and Infused

You know how sometimes the universe continues to put things in your path, as if it’s feeling compelled to drop simple hints about where your next journey should lead? Yeah, well I feel that way about Glazed and Infused Doughnuts. First they start showing up on an almost weekly basis at work. Then after a recent heat-lamp warmed patio lunch at Big Star, our party gleefully stumbled over to the Francesca’s Forno location for dessert. And then again, the Fulton Market location served as the perfect sweet topper for brunch at Publican this weekend. Is it that Glazed and Infused is simply taking over the town? Or am I subconsciously seeking out the crème brûlée, vanilla bean and red velvet varieties. Whether it’s fate or fatness, they’re freaking delicious. Glazed and Infused


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