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Vosges bar love

I have always majorly hearted Vosges chocolate, and love when I happen upon the purple and white haven of confectionary genius in various airports and cities around the country. As if the chocolate wasn’t good enough, they go ahead and add things like bacon, chipotle chilies and organic pumpkin seeds to their bars, truffles and hot chocolate mixes that are almost too pretty to eat. But my favorite combo thus far was recently spotted at Goddess and Grocer; Rogue Ale and Chocolate Stout Beer with alderwood smoked salt, burnt sugar caramel and dark chocolate. Holy Ch-rist, it might be all of my favorite flavors wrapped up in dark chocolate bar..a campfire s’mores on steroids. The neighboring blood orange caramel didn’t look too shabby either..but nothing is more intoxicating that smokey-chocolately-salty dark chocolate. I was rushing out when I spotted it and didn’t have a chance to pick one up, but like a perfectly fitting dress or pair of shoes that haunts me after one look, I keep thinking about it and know I must have it. Watch for a full review…

Easily inhalable


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Chocolate bark at Whole Foods

Are these new? Eh maybe not. Either way, I spotted an entire luscious bakery case at Whole Foods devoted to a mess of assorted chocolate bark studded with chopped nuts, dried fruit etc. Love the texture, crunch and flavor, and versatility of sweet bark, which I predict is the new cupcake/doughnut/pie…you heard it here first.

Bark by the bite

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Sweet Spot Macarons

Oh hello. Yes, it’s been too long. Multiple trips and deadlines have caused a backlog of tasty pics in my iPhoto and no time to put them any of those bad boys up. SO! I am back dear readers, and very excited to share all of the awesome things I’ve tried around town lately (and some new categories for posts!). I am also going to begin a weekly (or somewhat weekly) post of my most recent Elizapicks, from where to take your picky, annoying Vegan cousin to brunch, to dinner for the even pickier visiting rents who want to eat at 5PM and just want a perfect 35-day wet-aged steak for gosh sakes (Chicago Cut).

And speaking of perfection, in the world of fresh, gourmet French macarons, follow the tweets of Galit Greenfield to find her Sweet Spot macaron truck and load up on flavors like pistachio, hazelnut, strawberries and cream, chocolate espresso and most recently, Reese’s Pieces (you’ll swear you are eating the real thing). Each light-as air gem literally melts in your mouth with intense flavor only achieved in a pastry kitchen. Might be the perfect dessert after your thick turkey meal.

Hit the Sweet Spot

More macarons

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